Sprecken: The Destiny Dance

Sprecken: The Destiny Dance

Sprecken: The Destiny Dance Cover Art
Writers: Brian Meredith and Brad Taylor
Pencils: Rick Forgus
Inks: James Taylor
Greyscales: Joe D’Adamo
Sprecken: The Destiny Dance was released in December 2003

A Damsel In Distress, or a Femme Fatale…?

Having been stranded in the future, Sprecken has managed to make a life for himself as a PI, trying to blend in and adjust. Still, he has doubts and questions about the direction his new life is headed. Something’s missing and she may have just walked through the door…

Will this mysterious damsel in distress be the answer to all his questions, or will she be the cause of all his doubts?

“There’s a lot to like about Sprecken: Rick Forgus’ art style compares favorably with Bruce Timm of Batman Adventures, and even looks to be drawn on black paper. Forgus articulates action scenes well…”
– Alan Rankin, Poopsheet