Memories of Paradise

Memories of Paradise

Memories of Paradise Cover Art by Gary Kato
Story & Art by Gary Kato (Mr. Jigsaw, Ms. Tree)
(More of Gary’s work can be found at Rorschach in Days of the Dragon)

When we follow the vision of our dreams, when we seek out the deepest desires of our hearts, the world is forever changed.

Interplanetary archaeologist, Anna Reuelen, encounters a painting of such extraordinary spiritual power that she’s driven to seek out the artist. Here search leads her across the galaxy

…to a barren world

…to mysterious alien artifacts

…and to a confrontation of planet-shaping consequences.

“…as a whole this is a most intriguing read and a treat for science fiction fans.”
– Darren Schroeder,

“An intelligent science fiction story”
Steven Grant,

It is a satisfying story, well worth you time.”
David LeBlanc, CBEM #502