Industriacide by Sean Dietrich


Industriacide Cover Art by Sean Dietrich
Story & Art by Sean Dietrich (Creator of Fervor and Mess)
Lettered by Jay La Valley
Industriacide Trade Paperback was released in February 2004

Industriacide is the story of the adverse effects of industry on society and the mental ramifications it induces. Through the eyes of three main kids and a hallucinated teddy bear, our story focuses mainly on Schmaltz our main character trying to put his life back together after escaping from an experimental hospital, Jake, Schmaltz’s replica, who is drug obsessed and constantly at odds with his hallucinated friend and teddy bear Ernie, and Natalie the girl who inherits and huge factory capable of producing two-thirds of the nation’s electronics, and which holds a torturous past. As the story progresses each child must face everything the outside world can throw at them as well as deal with all their psychological aguish as it slowly seeps into the outside world. All this leading up to a boot-to-the-face conclusion in which Natalie shows the city just what she can produce up in that factory, Schmaltz comes to terms with his own inner connection with Natalie and the factory, and Jake obtains his memories and realizes just what the teddy bear means.

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Past Reviews:
“Industriacide is a real mind-fuck; it’s about as far as you can get from mainstream comics, and if you’re looking for a trippy, dark journey, here you’ll find it…. It’s a dense book; Sean Dietrich’s heady, heavy, twisted images are splashed with hidden meanings and double meanings, with visual symbolism dripping off the page.”

“A darkly poetic and drugged-out dystopia. “Industriacide” is smothered in ink and oppression, and will leave you gasping for air. Terrifying, gorgeous, and unexpectedly charming. “
– Matt J. Phillion, The Small Press Magazine

“The creator embraces the most tortured and disturbing aspects of human emotion, making for an unusual, chilling read.

“The book is indeed quite beautiful, as Dietrich’s artwork is powerful and creepy. His detailed work seems ideally suited for black and white, and he creates violent and savage imagery that I would liken to the works of Roman Dirge or Jhonen Vasquez, although Dietrich uses this style not for dark humor but simply for darkness. “
– Don & Randy,

“Unlike most comics, INDUSTRIACIDE is a unique, compelling experience.”
– Steven Grant,