Fervor by Sean Dietrich


Story & Art by Sean Dietrich (Creator of Industriacide and Mess)
Lettered by Jay La Valley
Cover Colored by Mike Garcia
Fervor was released October 2005

When a 500 pound girl’s daydreams of being thin turn obsessive, she uses real life atrocities against over confident business men for fuel; imagining herself as a thin, attractive, coke addicted call girl who picks up those same people and murders them in their beds.


Available On ComiXology

“…the true star here is Dietrich’s edgy, hyperactive art; he does a terrific job of selling the nasty reality of each moment in this woman’s life, and you believe in it as you pore through each page.”
– By Marc Nathon (MoviePoopShoot.com)

“The art contains an intriguing mix of elegant beauty and misshapen horror that reminded me of a Tool video if directed by Tim Burton…Simply put, if there is a book on the market that is as visually compelling in a twisted sense, I have yet to see it.” – By Kert McAfee (Brokenfrontier.com)

“It’s dark, eerie, and grotesque when it needs to be. You really do feel like you’re immersed in another world entirely, a dark and revealing one.”
– Andrea Speed, Comixtreme.com