Days of the Dragon

Days of the Dragon

Illustrated by Gary Kato (Mr. Jigsaw, Ms. Tree)
(More of Gary Kato’s work can be found on Memories of Paradise)
Days of the Dragon was Released into Stores June 30, 2004

On a far-away planet exists a civilization of Dragons.

Though they may look like our earthly dinosaurs, these dragons are a highly intelligent species with a complex civilization on par with the medieval era of our own Earth.

The kingdoms of Dragonworld co-exist in an uneasy peace, never knowing when a power-hungry warlord will wage war against his neighbor.

It is a time of Kings and Queens, of magic and mysticism, of warfare and intrigue. It is a time of both adventurous quests and dark scheming. It is also the time of the Dragons. An all-ages adventure from the imaginations of Ron Fortier and Gary Kato.

“Kids and adults alike will enjoy these stories of honor, swordfighting, heroes, revenge, and the like.”
– Steve Horton, CBG

“Hard to find fault with this comic, combining as it does great art and intelligent writing. Escape into a magic realm of heroes and villains where those true of heart can win out.”
– Darren Schroeder,