Cindy and Her Obasan

Cindy and Her Obasan in Elvis and the Lost Halo

Cindy and Her Obasan in Elvis and the Lost Halo
Created by George Gladir & Stan Goldberg
Written by George Gladir
Pencilled by Stand Goldberg
Inked by Bob Smith
Lettered by John Workman
Cover Colored by Mike Garcia
Released to Stores October 25, 2006

“Cindy and Her Obasan” blends the classic Cinderella fairy-tale concept with modern Japanese pop culture. Cindy is a spirited ten-year-old who has inexplicably been assigned a Japanese fairy godmother, for in today’s global economy FGM Inc. can assign its fairy godmothers anywhere.

George Gladir is the creator of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, along with Stan Goldberg and Bob Smith, been creating many fine Archie comics over the years.

“The story is well paced and, again, the dynamic style carries it through from first to last. It is definitely something for the young and young at heart.”
– David L. LeBlanc,