Rorschach Entertainment is a Seattle area based company that was officially started up in late 1999 as a label for artist James Taylor to use as creative outlet for his prints and comic book creations. RE quickly morphed into a broader spectrum, covering all areas of entertainment not limited to just creations by James Taylor.

In late 2000, RE launched The Small Press Magazine, which was an e-zine dedicated to the coverage of independent comic books and their creators. The Small Press Magazine launched to much fanfare and became the largest site covering exclusively indy comics, surpassing all other indy sites in traffic within its first two months. SPM ran for almost two years before coming to a stop. For years after the magazines demise it was still remembered fondly from various publishers and creators that still beg for its return.

Before the end of SPM, Rorschach Entertainment began gearing up to enter the comic book market as a publisher which finally came to fruition in late 2003 with the release of Sprecken: The Destiny Dance. 2004 will be the first full year of comic book publishing and we’ve got lots of great projects coming up.

RE will be expanding into other industries as we continue to grow, such as the web and book publishing

The Goal:
The goal of Rorschach Entertainment has always been and will always be to create diverse but quality products for the fans. We will never settle into a niche, always striving to bring to you something new and different from anything else that we have produced. Creative Complacency is Death…

Where does the name Rorschach Entertainment come from?
Well James Taylor worked mostly as an inker in the comic book industry and ink was also his preferred medium in gallery works so it seems a natural fit naming the company Rorschach (the inkblot test). Entertainment because we view ourselves as entertainers and didn’t want the name to label to limit our growth to just being a comic book publisher (we’re always exploring other mediums).